Boost Unlimited has been developed by Jolande Groters. The idea came into being when several years ago, she combined her variety of interests and passions. A dream project arised.

All of her life, Jolande had worked in tourism and the service sector. A few years ago she added an interest for the wellness sector to that list. She developed a passion for spirituality, mindfulness and wellbeing and decided to expand her practical skills through a yoga course and various massage courses.

Life on the water in the vibrant, characteristic city of Amsterdam had thereby always been a dream. It’s Jolande’s passion to give others a unique, relaxing and positive experience and have them enjoy everything that inspires her. Her dreams have all come together throughout a beautiful journey and created Boost Amsterdam. Boost offers energy, freedom, inspiration and positivity. Meet the hostess, get inspired and experience the positive ‘boost’ you’ll get from a unique stay at Boost Amsterdam for yourself!



Combining all of her interests led Jolande to search for a ship with a working area. One of the ships that caught her eye was located at the KNSM island. She would have had to remodel the entire ship and so she searched the Internet for someone who could realize such a big renovation. It led her to Bas van Schelven from Waterloft, who came up with the idea for Jolande to buy her own ship and have her living- and working area built from scratch. In March of 2014, Jolande bought the ‘Bos 3’, a supply ship for seagoing vessels in the harbour of Antwerp. In the meantime, Bas had found an available berth on KNSM island. Bas his wife Wendy did an incredible job bringing all of Jolande’s ideas to life in her designs for Boost Boat & Breakfast.

After all the licenses were granted, Bos 3 was brought to Rotterdam to work on the steel hull. The entire ship was stripped and rebuilt. In June 2015, the ship was towed to Leeuwarden, where they started on the interior work. Jolande managed the process and made sure that every detail got the attention it needed to make the bed & breakfast she had in mind come to life. It was a long process, but in August 2016 Boost came to Amsterdam. It took another few months to finalize the project, but in May 2017 it’s finally there: the opening of Boost Boat & Breakfast Amsterdam!

Boost is luxe op het water.
Boost is onthaasten onder de wijde hemel.


Boost geeft je alle ruimte.
Boost laat je voelen dat niets hoeft en alles mag.
Dat jouw kolkende zee uiteindelijk ook een kalm water kan zijn.


Maar Boost geeft je ook energie.
Laat je voelen dat je leeft,
dat je dromen mag hebben,
en nieuwe plannen kunt maken.